Wingette vs Drumette Debate: We Add Fuel to the Fire

The Wingette vs Drumette Debate: We add fuel to the fire.

As a connoisseur of all things poultry, I’ve found myself right in the middle of a heated kitchen standoff: the chicken wings controversy. An ongoing bone of contention (quite literally) between the merits of wingettes and drumettes. It’s a debate that tickles the taste buds of chicken wing enthusiasts from the saucy streets of Buffalo, … Read more

Exploring the Debate: Can You Eat Mushrooms Raw?

The debate about whether mushrooms can be eaten raw is ongoing. While some say it is safe to consume certain raw mushroom species, most mushrooms should be cooked before eating. Cooking mushrooms makes their nutrients accessible and makes them easier to digest. Additionally, some varieties of mushrooms may be toxic when consumed raw. It is … Read more